Why Criticising May Be The Key To Our Salvation.

Aug 11, 2019

Nina Simone used to sing that someone made someone out of her. The problem was she didn’t exactly who she was. This is in line with our quest for identity that the simplest trip can seriously shake.

Yesterday I was wondering if life wasn’t simply about conscience and criticizing. So maybe Nina Simone is just trying to criticize her Pygmalion.

Pygmalion is a play by George Bernard Shaw, named after a Greek mythological figure. It was first presented on stage to the public in 1913. In ancient Greek mythology, Pygmalion fell in love with one of his sculptures, which then came to life. The general idea of that myth was a popular subject for Victorian-era English playwrights.

Simone explains she was innocent and didn’t feel any guilt at the time someone taught her this style. While this seems a bit like justifying some kind of love, the song really shows that not criticizing could be related to total ignorance of your identity.

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Can You Say Children Don’t Feel Guilt?

This is an important topic: maybe because today I’m suffocating with guilt. And guilt is the penultimate level of consciousness before suicide. Just before you will experience shame. It seems the first level of true force is courage: you must lessen your burden. You might be a headache in a suitcase then.

The first time I met this monster called guilt it was a bit strange: it went from bad to worse. A few years later I wasn’t ashamed to sing the blues. Everybody is looking for a place to put down their heavy load. And that’s why I’m writing a blog.

Since I met guilt I promised myself to never see her again. But she found a way back into my life as if she made a mistake by marrying someone else. I guess the best way to deal with guilt is to not talk about it (a hint by my method 5to1™, subscribers only).

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What Will Keep You Hanging On?

Simone mentions her love who is strong. But she wonders why she’s doing all that stuff because it seems she knows right from wrong. There are things you shouldn’t do like putting a partner down (whether you’re still together or separated).

If you can hang on until the right song makes worthwhile the wait, then you found out about one of the secrets of life. But you have to spend time in the places where they know the music. You won’t find that awesome song everywhere but you could find it on my blog.

Lately, I was thinking that cancer was like a concert: you just have to hang on until you hit the right song. I will always remember the 3 years I spent in Paris going every day in jam sessions. Sometimes it could get a little boring but suddenly we find the right song (in my case it was Marlena Shaw’s “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy”).

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Will You Catch Simone If She Falls?

The pygmalion of Simone has some problems: maybe he’s trying to teach her to beware if she falls because he knows nobody will come for help.

I guess talking about someone all over the town can be dangerous: another song mentions a link about being the talk of the town and premature aging. I guess the answer to this is simple: come out and play.

Yesterday I was talking about being a victim and how you might try to attract sexy people. The victim must speak up in case there’s a problem and the word will find him/her. The words will be very rude: it’s the cold world and we don’t have time for romance.

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Does Love Have Some Symptoms?

You can’t sleep and you can’t eat: there’s no doubt you’re in deep. Macbeth would know a lot about love. Sometimes you have to do dirty stuff like providing support 24/7. Or loving you is a dirty job but someone got to do it.

Lately, I was wondering there wasn’t only one fundamental law for our universe. Because I tried to come up with 3 laws and I remember my signal processing background, I came up with the law of attention, care, and prudence.

For example, how can you explain our universe and space? There are billions of stars with potential exoplanets associated. Moreover, the space between is huge.

It’s as if we knew that overpopulation could lead to pure massacres. And that’s why we need some space in order not to suffocate.

Nicolas Sursock

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