The Condor Passes, Can You Fly That High?

Jul 24, 2018

A serious music insight from Peruvian anthem “El Condor Pasa” makes me think of monetisation and payment. You start to shake, your bank account will be zero.

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I analysed with Google Analytics my top countries reading that blog. With no surprise, France and Lebanon are in the Top 5 (I’m French and Lebanese). United States also is in the top 5 because I write in English. But my top country seems to be Peru! This post is dedicated to Peruvian readers!

That’s why I decided to choose the song “El Condor Pasa” for that post. Condor is the common name for two species of New World vultures. The name derives from the Quechua kuntur. They are the largest flying land birds in the Western Hemisphere.

Lately, I was wondering what kind of animal could live like 100 years. Condors may live for 50 years or more, and mate for life. The world’s oldest condor died at 100.

It seems vultures are everywhere and they can be doctors.

Eagle Will Learn To Fly, It’s Not Natural

People always fight about what’s innate and what’s acquired. We know from the 1980s that a lot of things can be acquired like AIDS. Opportunism and hypnosis might be linked because I can tell the future: prices will fluctuate and someone will be taken off his pedestal (like Lance Armstrong or Andre Agassi).

That’s why when you acquire something, the first question that comes to mind is: how the hell did I acquire that thing?

When I was 17 years old, I did a chemotherapy that was disguised as a drug for acne vulgaris. For a long time, I got on alright even though I had difficult moments. But now, it’s become a bad obsession. I hope I will be paid someday for all that hard work I take too hard.

Will The World Wake Up? (Don’t Wait In Vain)

In other words, 90% of humanity has a hard time evolving. Obesity and hyperactivity have taken over because we have too much information. I don’t care about who you’ve been screwing.

I hope I’m not waiting in vain for that thunderous recovery (as was the disease).

It’s been 9 months now since I started that blog. It’s kind of a story telling thing (not far from “sorry” telling). What I mean is that I’m a talented musician and it’s natural I write a blog about music.

We got to keep them separated. That can’t be much more from the heart. My enemies must have watched too much basketball because they spend their time trying to isolate me from the rest of the world.

But my Peruvian friends said: “that guy is great, why don’t we show him some love”. Some people owe some kind of love. I don’t know who exactly but my goal is not to change a team that loses (I hope you get the joke).

In The Busiest Moments, Know What Not To Do

I feel I’m a bit spammy lately. I met someone two days ago who wanted to subscribe to my blog. And when I asked her how frequently she would like to receive emails, she said “1 month”.

For 3 years in Paris, I went almost everyday in jam sessions. That was one of the best period of my life. It’s true 80% of the time it can become a boring routine but suddenly you hear the legendary song that justifies the effort.

In my case, it was a performance of Marlena Shaw called “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy”. It shouldn’t be in that post because it’s not related to the subject but it’s a good song. Heartache, why won’t you let me be? Cannonball Adderley also covered the song.

It Went So Blue, It Might Be Blinding

When you make a mistake and the boss of the company (300,000 people) calls your name, we can wonder why he does it. Some people are willing to do anything in order not to remain helpless. Even killing.

To me, killing is like making people react. And in that kind of business, man has a wonderful imagination. For example, chemical weapons were invented and everybody agreed that they should be banned from warfare.

Sometimes we’re not prepared for adversity. And sometimes we are.

I am not ready to go on like that, begging, stealing and borrowing. I’m a part of community and I represent some countries like France, Lebanon and English-speaking countries. But lately, my head is in Iraq and Syria.

The toxic artwork of WW2 (omnipresent government and industrial medicine) makes me think about death. My baby fat has reappeared, maybe because I’m joking all the time.

Promised Heights And Promises You Forget Quick

I can behave like my enemies. Oh wait, who needs enemies with frenemies like that? Paris Hilton has to be credited with that word. I’m not a big fan of her but I could end up in a hotel room with her.

Did I disappoint you and leave a bad taste in your mouth?

At this level, it’s no ordinary menu. If people wonder what’s the problem with urban bohemia, look no further: all we want to do is get off. Or travel to Bangcok 10 days because they say it’s important for youth.

Who knows what promise will be held and which one will not be fulfilled? When you have a bad obsession like me, it’s a ghost town. Anyway, cool kids never have the time so this is how I feel when I’m reverse skydiving.

Shadows Hanging Over Me, Yesterday Came Suddenly

As a conclusion, riders in the sky can teach us something. It’s possible to fly but what’s the point? If you start to shake, then you will lose. I repeat, if you start to shake you will lose that game.

I wanted to do a post about Carly Rae Japsen song “Call Me Maybe”. I started building an email list and people give their email address most of the time. Bad obsessed people never meet anybody. And they don’t meet people who can help them.

They say that rumination can in no way help you solve your problems. What about corumination, when at least 2 people ruminate on a problem? What if the problem was ill-defined?

I guess we know the score. I came home looking funky, my clothes all in a mess and my story isn’t fitting.

That’s why I found a perfect scapegoat: Big Brother (or maybe Sister). I’m looking for a balance between delirium and seriousness. Is freedom important when it comes to winning? Why does that vengeance thing becomes unhealthy?

Nicolas Sursock

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