What Does Feeling The Cold Mean?

Feb 03, 2019

This post was inspired by several songs but I will think of the song of The Crusaders feat Randy Crawford: “Street Life”. Quentin Tarantino likes that song.

It’s the only life you know: the big bad world doesn’t owe a thing. It seems kind of surprising to think that way. I met an engineer once and he was working in an investment bank. He didn’t listen to music. During my 3 years tenure with him (he was my boss), he told me once: the bank doesn’t owe you a thing.

It was kind of surprising because a lot of people think that something is owed to mankind because we are humans. Chris Isaak would sing: “you owe me some kind of love”. Let’s hope it won’t be dirty love and we end up in a coma.

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Read on to find out if the cold is a good way to appreciate the hot stuff?

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Is Your Conclusion To Praise The Cold?

Reading my introduction, you could conclude that being cold is a good idea. Because being hot could help you start the next Silicon Valley fairytale. I started that blog one year ago. I’m supposed to be a talented musician and words come easily. But I’m still wondering if we can’t build a better world.

We know in space it’s very cold. As a musician, I wouldn’t recommend space because you can’t hear a sound in that place. How am I gonna make money in space? We need an atmosphere to hear sounds and music.

I still wonder what will happen in space. Mankind might find traces of a former fight for love and glory. When we go to space, we will discover it’s much colder than here on Earth. Boy is it cold in Antarctica and Arctica. That’s because the light of the sun doesn’t shine as it should there.

Now we will try to understand how even rock music lovers can feel bad.

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How To Understand Rock Bottom.

I listen to jazz, blues, soul, rock, and funk. And my French friends made me discover electronic music. But only rock songs talk about rock bottom. It seems rock bottom never treat you like you should. Now it’s time to talk about jazz bottom, soul bottom, blues bottom, and funk bottom.

  1. Jazz bottom could be falling in love too easily and it never lasts. Or maybe it could be not learning from your mistake,
  2. Blues bottom could be being poisoned by a bartender whose lover you’re trying to steal. Or maybe blues bottom could be simple like that: someday baby, after a while, you’ll be sorry,
  3. Soul bottom could be being tortured by shadows who are still on your mind. A French politician used to justify his tax evasion by invoking his dark side,
  4. Funk bottom could be the end of your skin functioning properly. See, sweating helps get rid of toxins and the end of that function could make you numb.

What can Norah Jones do for us on the subject of winter?

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The More You Care, The More You Drift

I thought a lot about history and continents. A long time ago, there was only one continent named Pangea. Now there are 5: America, Europa, Asia, Oceania and Africa. You could say there are 6 with Antarctica. Was geophysics a bad case of caring about nature and our planet?

Once I wrote a post the environment and the title were: “are we unclear about the Earth?” They say love doesn’t exist; only proofs are worth our time. Were those 7 million last years proof of the secret disorder that makes people cold with a probability of 100%? Then it’s a matter of time before you hit the bottom. The real question might be when did you hit it?

I’ve been riding broomsticks since age 14. And I wanted to blow out all other witches on the scene. They say making a devil of your experiences is a poison. On average, 80% of humanity hit rock bottom around age 14. And you’ve got the dreamer’s disease.

Let’s examine how it feels to be in that kind of funk.

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Two Ways To Feel Like A Stranger

Isn’t it normal to be weird when you feel like a stranger? Maybe that’s why Socrate said that “knowing yourself” is important. Because if you know yourself you will know others. It seems like a good idea the more I think about it.

  1. I hate to say it, it’s hard to say it but from a statistical point of view, you’re the best friend you will ever have. Grandmaster Flash again told us it’s like a jungle sometimes but it’s always a jungle. Guns ‘n’ Roses will agree and they welcomed us here. The famous homeless person who warned them may still be alive. I learned a few weeks ago that statistics had a powerful concept called entropy.
  2. The legs feel like stone and there are friends who are vanished and gone. Then to find them is not difficult: follow the money. I’m still undecided about what money represents. We know some people think time is money. But money could also be a subconscious mind. Another powerful concept.

But there’s something interesting in the next paragraph about joking.

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Can You Be Sick Of Joking?

I don’t know what will be the future of mankind if we can’t stop debating about the original sin, existence or the saviour. They said Jesus would save humanity but we had other prophets who wanted to compete. And now we have intellectuals who are bold as love and can’t hedge their bet.

The experience of survival is the key. There is nothing like the real thing. That’s a Marvin Gaye song that I didn’t have quite the time to appreciate but the heart makes no mistake. Or so they say.

One day I was fighting in Paris and when I thought I won, someone managed to drag me down to hell. This is what they call French Ivy League schools. Of course, I said I can’t complain until I drifted not in Antarctica or Arctica but in Siberia. Suddenly, she played with a knife and I rushed her out of my house. From this moment, it went from bad to worse.

I guess that’s why now my heart is awfully cold.

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Where Did You Get That Cold Heart?

As a conclusion, feeling the cold might mean not caring about something. Of course, the next question is obvious: everybody wonders where you got that cold, cold heart. Some don’t care and you know why: everything is going alright for them.

It’s no place for losers and/or innocent of minds. I read somewhere naive people just overthink things. And we know lack and excess can make you vulnerable. The next step would be to shake like an incurable.

I’m thinking about 2 songs from an artist called Hot Natured. One of the songs called “Isis” features a musician called Egyptian Lover. Without the cold, how could you recognise hot (or not)? Facebook started as a “Hot Or Not” website to rate hot girls in the university. I guess my blog started like that: “Cold Or Not”?

I want to see who will still be alive after the Big Bang. The universe is so big even banks can’t keep up with space. They say space is a Russian passion. And we know Sting hopes Russians love their children. Electronic music bottom might be just that. What happened to the gaming side of life? And is it better to win or put up a fight?

Maybe that’s why Socrate said that “knowing yourself” is important. Because if you know yourself you will know others. It seems like a good idea the more I think about it.

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Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!