An Idea To Grow Old Like Wine

Aug 10, 2018

A serious music insight by Muse’s song “Cave” makes me remember fine wines grow old in a cave. Ageing can be stressful but now we got a solution for everybody.

I never thought too much about growing old and how difficult it can be. Until some old people fell on me like a hammer. And now, because I’m an empath, I feel we need a solution for them and for me.

In a previous post, I was warning everybody about ageing. And, if we follow the fine wine solution, then all we have to do is find a cave and spend the rest of our lives there. Seems stupid but it makes sense in some way.

The thing about ageing is that it can be wonderful if you do it right. But sometimes it goes wrong and you feel like a bit of a baby (looking for Jesus and his women).

Confused, You’re A Child With The Blues

When you have children, you remember that playing is important. Or maybe the right to make mistakes. And the ability to take risks. But someone can’t forget the past in this bright future.

If you spend some time in a cave for the rest of your life, you might wonder why people build temples, bars and coffee shops. And that’s what Jesus failed to do: build a temple. So now, we want to build a cave or maybe rent one.

The nice thing about a cave is that you can make noise without disturbing the neighbours. My neighbours were I used to live were always disturbed by my family. Anyway, in Lebanon we disturb Syria, Israel and Iran.

I already talked about the neighbours when it comes to important matters like sex and secret projects. But spending time in a cave will be the solution to anyone feeling anxious about the future.

People Can Feel A Change Is Coming

When it comes to change, make sure it is a sweet release. Maybe the coffee machine just needs fixing. Maybe payment is difficult but, hell, it’s not easy to spend some money on something when you have no real income.

This cave is just a new place where you can spend some quality time. Maybe you won’t be alone. After all, why should fine wines grow old without other fine wines? I feel the question of loneliness is a major one.

A song used to complain that loneliness won’t leave you alone. I guess it depends on what you need but a cave is a wonderful solution. Staying in a fridge is improbable sadly.

Is changing your cave difficult? Normally it’s an easy task but it seems there is some magic voodoo with moving. I learned that changing flats was the #1 cause for divorce.

Flat Broke But Who Cares Exactly?

It’s true that there is a rent to pay when you want to spend time in a cave. Maybe it’s a wise decision to share the rent then. What if you could by a cave?

I know some nice jam sessions in Paris and they are all located in a sort of cave. Music and sounds are naturally wonderful in those places. And it seems listening is much more important for our balance than other senses.

When you need to listen, the first thing to do is shut up. Sometimes it’s really hard and, at the moment, I write everyday on Facebook and almost everyday on a blog. That’s because I’m a jealous mind and my ambition is consuming me.

Sometimes I like to think my ambition is too much. Like protecting a friend from a bad, bad girl. Or leaving Paris for good and never coming back because of that curious climate.

This Fire Is Out Of Control, Burn!

As a conclusion, I think if you’re worried about the future, consider spending time in a cave but not alone. You should find quality cavemen and cavewomen. And then you will be able to go back in time, where the only people that existed were people who didn’t see the talent in you.

I was blessed with a wonderful entourage but there were pretenders among us. I hope people are wise enough to know who I’m talking about. The toxic artwork of WW2 and the wonderful ideas you get by reading a blog should not make you forget music is your only partner.

That’s why I won’t dwell on the blue note and I will take care of my statistics. I will stand tall because I’m talented. If you’re talented, you will other talented people in a cave. Have you ever found a talented person in another place than in a cave?

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!