The Breathtaking Truth About Police And Population.

Sep 23, 2019

The police has a difficult job: most of the time, lives are at stake. Maybe like a fireman or a doctor. In other words, those are jobs where the pressure is high to a point where the word reason doesn’t mean something.

I guess we all know the risks even though one could argue all jobs come with the “lives are at stake” label. For example, I’m a musician and blogger. What can be the impact of writing a post that will change someone’s life?

Have you ever been brought to tears while reading a piece? The first post of that blog was read by an acquaintance and she felt confused as if she had fallen in love.

Whispering on the internet can make people dizzy. And you will lose a lot of friends. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do: the time has come to explore love and space with confidence. Watch out for cosmik debris and invitations to parties where they want to make fun of you.

High pressure jobs where lives are at stake might be everywhere. Do you think it’s clever to be the witness of a crime?

Behind The Scenes, Panic Means High And Dry.

You broke another mirror and are turning into something you are not. Watching another friend scream let me out: you think it’s pretty clever.

This post was about the point of view of the police. Geophysicians like to remind you they focus on prevention. But what should you do when you were the witness of a rape scene but couldn’t do something?

Do you like to be helpless when it comes to the crunch?

But please remember that this life changing event will be used against you because of misunderstanding. Businessmen are everywhere these days and, if it rains, they will profit and stay at home to listen to brutal death technical metal.

Professionals remind you that prevention is king like content on a website. What if this strange scene left you in a state of total confusion?

Had Enough Agents for the Blues and Reds.

Witnessing a party with teenagers is a sure way to lose 10 years of your life. That’s because they always look for their limits and are prone to dangerous yet bold moves that will make you confused for a long time.

25 years later I’m still trying to analyse the scene I witnessed when I was 14yo thanks to the awesome point of view I had on the neighbours.

Today I’m sure that the guy who was surrounded by girls had to face like 20 no and that could explain his violent behavior. But sadly they left me with a bad headache or heartache.

Sounds funny but we done all we can: we even asked God for guidance. Serge Gainsbourg used to sing that for the police there’s no mysteries.

Will You Follow Someone in Cheap Hell?

Oscar Wilde used to say “he didn’t want to go to heaven because none of his friends are there”. I guess we know now why people are in hell or paradise. It’s because of your relationships.

Anyway, the police is often the witness of a strange scene like God. Yesterday, I was talking about the point of view of God and it’s not far away from the one of the police.

It’s a real pain watching this: a strange scene and a friend’s jealousy crisis.

One of my friends used to talk about the vagus nerve in that case. But the police is confused and the reason will be hard to digest.

Were those teenagers mocking Jesus Christ and his message? What will happen 20 years later when they will have to choose their battles and will be tired of insulting every person that they cross?

Watching This Will Make You Crazy And Old.

Yes this is the blog of a teenager and now I understand why I’m having a hard time reaching 200 daily visitors. I’m not talking about the 1000 daily visitors mark that will allow me to make a living easily.

Yes this blog will make you crazy and old. You will sleep with your guns by taking a sip from this blog’s cup. When you’re alone the dreaming stops but you know you should be dreaming alone and with friends.

It’s a real pain watching the population because let’s face it: we are all 14 yo and only people who took a philosophy class should be allowed outside.

Let’s forget about the Arab Spring and other revolutions who will never keep their promises. When you explore space, love and teenagers, never mind the noise you heard which is making your message completely out of shape.

Is the only shelter to stop whispering in the ears of people? For a long time my shelter was music even though some people argue love remains the cure.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!