Can Love Break The Promise Of Hope?

Apr 05, 2019

Today I was listening to one of my favorite song. I started the day listening to a song from Scorpions I like (I don’t like all Scorpions song but they have 1 or 2 excellent song). Anyway, in the song, Scorpions was talking about children of the sun and I started crying.

I was born in Lebanon and spent my summer there. My French classmate were always jealous when I came back to school in September. That’s because my skin was tanned perfectly. Until of course someone declared war on sunshine!

In the 2nd song I listened to from Toto, the band mentions love and hope: they use personification and wonder what happens when love break the promise the hope has to keep. Today I thought I could explore that subject.

Love and hope could represent two people and a promise. But first let’s define what’s hope and love.

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How To Define Love And Hope Easily.

Love is about intensity and hope about probabilities. Now you know everything you need to know on those subjects. President Obama used to speak about the audacity of hope but what he meant is that when you have 0% chance of winning, it’s no use to hold on. And love is of course the best rollercoaster we have found (the only rivals are theme park).

I guess when you define correctly something, it makes sense a lot suddenly. In the past years I read and played a lot. And now I’m able to define love and hope correctly. When you hear the lyrics and can connect the dots that way, everything falls into place naturally.

So can love break the promise the hope has to keep? I must say falling in love is something wonderful but hope is also a powerful motivation.

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Some Feelings Are Too Intense To Last.

Some people fall in love too easily. They fall in love like you stumble on a branch in a forest and spend their time on the floor lamenting why they didn’t see that tender trap. That flame is mighty hot and you can get your fingers burned.

Should we take love easy and never let our feelings show? Some feelings are too difficult to understand. And so that’s how love can break the promise the hope has to keep. Because hope is barely a number and a probability, it seems intensity can bring you to your knees.

Feelings of guilt and shame can more often that not break a promise. Like a teacher once said to me when I was trying to swim in a pool, I was too intense to last.

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Is Hope More Than A Number?

I used to play poker and I must say sometimes I felt like numbers were cruel. How do you feel when the probability of winning a pot is 0%? I must say sometimes it’s cool because then there is absolutely no dispute. You have lost this round and this is not debatable.

What if hope was more than a number? President Obama talks about audacity because sometimes you play too much on the safe side and can get hurt by a mosquito. Being bold reminds us that Hendrix thought love was bold. Angry people flashes trophies of war and ribbons of youth.

To restore hope we need to understand who took it from us. And it seems I have the answer: religion. Today most people feel declaring war for an imaginary friend is not a good sign. Should we declare war for musicians then?

Will you support me in making that blog one of the most successful one ever? And now let’s see how hope and love can get along easily.

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Help Me Out Of The Life I Led.

I’ll never forget those years spent in the street and in the financial industry. Hitmen and thieves and many brawls still haunt me. I guess with hope then there is absolutely no trouble: I’m in love with someone deceased and there is 0% probability to marry her. All I can do is marry her cousins.

Deep down inside, I guess I forgot the real reason behind this: jealousy. It seems parents under crystal meth lose their children. But I do think parents with a severe neuroleptic also can lose them.

To get out of the 20th-century bitch (our eternal itch) we need a goto thing; something that will help us win the fight with a probability of 100%. And I got the cure you’re dreaming of: if you have a real talent in something, you can get out easily from WW2 and the Nazis.

Have a real talent and be good at something and you will get over heartaches easily. And that’s a promise I make to you!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!