The Brain is in Charge of Accounting

Mar 02, 2018

Roxy Music’s album “Siren” might be seriously worth listening to. The brain sounds like “Love is a Drug”. That insight makes me think of accounting and directions.


When Will We Send The Bill?

Lately, I was thinking about a psychotropic substance that would help relieve that kind of pain. The pain I’m talking about is restless legs.

My master Gong Sun Sheng used to practice sexual hygiene in the mountains in China. Suddenly, a crowd of indifferent people starts attacking him unconsciously. The brain knows the benefit of love and sex.

The thing about sex is that it’s also a psychotropic substance. I guess evolution only could come up with that in order to become immortal. Another thought I had is that we are private investigators for a long time.

Someone came up on Earth and said: “I don’t know what’s going on here but it might be worth buying time”. The brain thought that bill was too high.

What happens when you give the brain a wrong direction? What can you do about that? Should you share your thoughts and keep it to yourself?

Of course, thunder only happens when it’s raining. And players only love you when they’re playing. My brain plays a lot of games.

What A Feeling, Make It Happen

What should be and what should never be. It’s a subject that World War 2 has discussed a lot. French and Lebanese people are superior because first, we took Paris, and then Washington.

We were sentenced to 20 years of faking. Because we’ve been told to be happy or leave. But someone will say them changes will help us commit a crime. And the brain doesn’t know anymore what a crime is.

My passion was to have a work/life balance. But my real passion was music. With music, I was exorcised of a lot of things without really acknowledging it. Sometimes it’s just a small passage.

You’d better stay on top or life will kick you in the ass. The brain is not that naive, but darkness is so comfortable.

The best we can do right now is secretly working towards a better world where rivalry and vengeance would be judged by someone. The solution is easy if we take it logically.


Stone From My Soul, When I Was Lame

My lover loves someone who’s strong. The thing that won’t turn me on is playing with a knife. My brain was taken away like the top of a tin.

Sadly, I think it’s a detail of my experience in Paris. Because the look of love is in our eyes. And if I can get my mind together and then come across with another vision, then humanity will win.

We’ll go to the infinite space of love by exploring oceans. Love is a prison, it’s uncomfortable. But this is not the case. People mistake space and oceans. The brain knows space has more potential than water. Maybe capitalism will help us get away from Earth faster?

In the ocean, you will find a vestige of the past. It’s mysterious and dark. But in space, you will find hope for humanity. 30 seconds to Mars is a nice goal but it’s way below expectations.

If we want to hang out, we got to take it out: the newspaper effect on the brain. She don’t lie…

Don’t Remember Who They Were

When you have team spirit, the public will be delighted. Because what they don’t wanna see is how players who argue all the time remind them of their problems at home or at work.

What happens when someone reaches out to you and say: can you help with that? And you say: “of course, it’s easy, look!” My brain is no beginner but I can lose my temper.

Great players are so beautiful to watch.

When people work together, you can achieve wonderful things. But some are just bad players who hate to lose. And rest assured that a lot of people will suffer from that game. Instead of coming home cheerful. A brain that won’t remain helpless.

I remember a basketball game where two people started bickering. Suddenly, all the team players were fighting and then the public went down in the arena and starting punching the players. Lost in a middle of a desperate fight, it means somebody will lose.

At This Level, No Ordinary Menu

When you reach this level, you start having trouble breathing. That’s why you’re grateful for your iron lung. Even though the brain might be mistaken without criticising.

Scratching the 20th-century bitch is just oblivious to history. It seems teenage dirtbags can engulf every feeling of your life. Because the first love, it feels like you’re going to die.


In a state of constant urgency, they forgot how to go to the bathroom. That’s because they have troubles doing business alone. And that’s a basic thing that all mother’s brain requires.

Decompression sicknesses of type 3 (meaning that if you get sick, someone will benefit from this), is a hard thing to experience. But I guess it happens to everyone.

At this level, you should be prepared to have a fantastic medical team like I did. That is a bit ironic because my medical team was so skilled that they used numbers to measure their success.

They needed a dollar. So I didn’t share my story with them.

Let’s Play The Game, We Want The Friction

They justified those who died by wearing a badge.

I guess we all have a badge and when you start knocking on heaven’s door, it’s time to let go. Because my heaven is not your heaven. And my hell is not your hell.

Sadly, all hells look alike. You can’t get any rest and it drives you crazy. But heaven maybe is respecting humanity and the Earth.

If my pillow could talk, imagine what it would have said. Its brain would have a story to tell and would work on it 30 years.

One last thing about hell: if you don’t watch out, it will stick to you. Is it a surprise it’s killing what’s inside of you? Strange games and funky things are a part of a musical style that has killed many.

First Thing You Do Is Wash Your Face

Cheap sunglasses are everywhere. It makes you look like a secret agent and hides your soul in your neighborhood.

There must be 50 ways to accept the conclusion of the judge. It might be a habit, not unusual or a form of compensation. And when you’re tired, you start compensating. The brain knows about it, the Queen of England knows about it and the town knows about it.

Suspicious minds they’re talking. I’ve seen them in action at the player’s choice, turning everybody into cynical and dehumanized people.

In other words, your superb doesn’t evolve. And the cosmic can’t be indifferent. You have to witness an injustice and do nothing. Some people were trained for this. That’s what a brain is: a neuronal network classifying people and trees.

When we look at the sky, we should all look at the same sky. I remember when I discovered the Milky Way in Syria. I was so amazed by this that I forgot that Syria had almost brought Lebanon to its knees.

No pretty chick is gonna make me crawl.

This Person is Always Right, Who Can It Be?

At the moment, I’m having a hard time with the business as usual. I have no problem with basic stuff but, when it comes to the crunch, I just hide in disgrace.

Maybe it’s time we give up and evolve towards credible information. There are 1 billion stars in the Milky Way alone, and although the ocean could make us stronger, we should prioritize love over gold. The brain knows the bill is high but the new generation will judge us also.

Industrial diseases and government mules should work together in order for our hopes to remain healthy. What if tomorrow we could explore the Milky Way as if it was the Earth?

My idea was not based on Jared Leto’s band 30 Seconds to Mars. But I felt like giving up because I had associations that were too painful.

That’s why new information like gravitational astronomy will help. I’m sure Einstein’s theory is not fake. Even though one could wonder how predicting something could turn you into a mere fortune teller.

How come there’s a special job called judge or referee? Is it a full-time job to be always right? What about our values of tolerance and respect? What brain is good enough to get us out of here? Is it just a matter of balance?

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It ain’t no big thing
to wait for the bell to ring
It ain’t no big thing
the toll of the bell

Aggravated spare for days
I troll downtown, the red light place
Jump up bubble up, what’s in store
Love is the drug and I need to score

Showing out, showing out hit and run
Boy meets girl where the beat goes on
Stitched up tight can’t shake free
Love is the drug got a hook on me

Oh, catch that buzz
Love is the drug I’m thinking of
Oh, can’t you see
Love is the drug for me

Oh, oh

Late that night I parked my car
Staked my place in the singles bar
Face to face, toe to toe
Heart to heart as we hit the floor

Lumbered up limbo down
The locked embrace, stumble around
I say go, she says yes
Dim the lights you can guess the rest

Oh, catch that buzz
Love is the drug I’m thinking of
Oh, can’t you see
Love is the drug, got hookin’ me
Oh, catch that buzz
Love is the drug I’m thinking of
Oh, can’t you see
Love is the drug for me

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Love is, love is, love is the drug

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!