Gonna Drop This Next Bomb For Asthma

Jun 22, 2018

A serious music insight from Jamie Cullum’s “When I Get Famous” makes me wonder if it’s the antidote. When you’re a stranger, it takes time to know yourself.

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They say in attrition warfare, no clear intentions should be given to the enemy. Isn’t it a blues everybody experienced with their friends?

What about early puberty that no one talks about? This might be a serious problem like cancer! Anyway, they say that you have the weaknesses associated with your strengths.

Something simple is the key. But not too simple nor complex. Suspicious minds they like to brag and sometimes they fidget a bit.

This climate makes us suspicious of us, them and God. We are talented, so our duty should be to stand tall.

Our identity is the same wherever we go. We want ebony and ivory to live in perfect harmony with tanned people.

Are We Soul Whose Intentions Are Good?

Some banker will tell you to always look like a jerk or say you’re a bad person. To the bone maybe. When muscles can’t handle the load you carry, bones will be the solution.

Sometimes we’re so carefree with an emotion that’s hard to hide. But the other side is simple: the desert misses the rain and Paris and Seattle miss the Sun.

Who needs to understand people? In marketing, they say that you have to have your audience in mind. My audience gets up every day and, sometimes, they do something remarkable.

Like writing 2000 words for the music party on June 21 of every year. My intention is to write 750 words in 1 hour. Thus I will go to bed in 3 hours.

And tomorrow I will have the same routine because, without it, there would be no adventure.

An adventure is always cool but I guess it’s safer with someone experienced and sober. Reality is when you have a headache or heartache.

Good habits was a staple of the 20th-century, especially between the 2 world wars. When Al Capone and Elliot Ness were battling, it was the result of a repressive apparatus.


Los Angeles People, Gimme Your Blues

My intention is to make a profitable blog. Today, I learned that the objective was to have a 5:1 ratio. In other words, each 100$ spent should reward me with 500$.

When I think about it, it makes sense. For example, when I started working in the banking industry, my company had a 10:1 ratio with me in a bank. I don’t wonder anymore why it was so hard to have a raise.

In the long run, this is not sustainable. We have to do something about this environment corrupted by WW2. Government and industry should sit together and yell: “fuck, our children!”

When you skim through a love, it’s an interesting experience. But sometimes, I wonder why I don’t take 8 hours and read the book. It seems people like to skim.

Last time I skimmed a book, I read something interesting: with time you become creditor or debtor.

The question of rentability is a fundamental one. It’s easy to digest and it makes you wanna go to the top of the hill. Even if there is a mountain after.

Those questions are related to justice. Rewards and punishments become less clear with time. Patience is an option but again it’s a question of dose.

Dreaming Is The Solution: A Fool’s Advice

A good habit I practice on a regular basis is a negotiation. Let me tell you how it will be: 90% for you, 10% for me. Maybe it would be wise to determine what we’re talking about.

To have a successful blog, you have to have a balanced mix of new vs returning visitors. As far as I’m concerned, I have a 50/50 ratio. Which is OK but I want to have 200 hearts a day fast.

Maybe we have to regulate. The rules have changed and it’s so easy when you know them. Greece should work on its relationship with money according to the IMF.

All the dreams we had are dead. Like singing each night in some cafe. Or going to Island to live like an Eskimo.

Our stairway lies in the whispering wind.

When you have a relationship problem, first make sure you’re not age 14. The real relationships that count are those you make when you’re 21 or 22.

Of course, you can make friends all your life. What kind of friend am I to write almost daily in a public place?


My Thing is Music, My Heart is a Mess

A blessing and a curse… They say when you have strengths, you have corresponding weaknesses. Isn’t this knowledge that made you strong (or lucid).

I stumbled upon a model of human psyche a few months ago. They said there were two states: no disease (superior intelligence) and psychosis. Those two states meet each other in eccentric creativity.

But it has to be profitable. A ratio of 5:1 should be the goal. And that makes sense because breaking even is not interesting.

What kind of bug is that? The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot? Before you diagnose a problem with the system, make sure the bug doesn’t know it well!

The system is simple. But I will talk about it only to members of that blog, people I could go on holiday with.

When a friendly card appears, it means odds become in our favor. Mission probability has started and a disease might have 50 excuses to piss you off.

But I guess 4 excuses is already enough. Chinese people like to think of magic, animality, and knees (aka under the belt).

We are under the same sun but make sure we remain in the zone where liquid water is possible.

Something Simple Is The Key, Not Too Simple

In astronomy, we have laws: attraction, gravitation, and resonance. Relativity might be also a candidate.

We try to make it real but compared to what?

War and its glory are coming: rape and murder. That’s what happens when you experience a home to nuns and then the worst crisis since 1929. Of course, aliens decided to take you on their planets where the sun never shines.

Treachery and treason, how many excuses do we have? What about that philosophy that was like a fine wine? You felt a hangover the day after!

It’s a very violent world. What you don’t surrender, the world will strip away. I’m so vain, I probably think my music culture is superior. Of that, I’m sure of because I verified it in Paris jam sessions.

I do care because I don’t feel a thing. Cocaine has a small number of accepted medical uses such as numbing. Another psychotropic substance like your partners.

Of course, we say we can’t complain. Why waste our time explaining the fundamentals of health? This is dynamite: a safe distance.


Never Brag, Never Fidget and Stay Humble

I was reading an article about a Mexican politician of the 19th-century. They were wondering how such a humble person had a wonderful destiny.

If you have any doubts about the future of your children, humility might be the key. Lovers, please wait here and take a ticket.

Why do you want to leave? Can we come too? We’re only trying to treat you like fresh meat.

A bit of suspicion, in the name of seduction. When I started banking, they told me the butcher was waiting for me. And when I met him, I discovered that he had a boss that was a nasty person.

People who drive cars know a lot about responsibility. In my life, the people that I hated most were motorcycle drivers and drunk passengers. When you are responsible for lives, you become aware that sobriety and experiences are defining moments.

Humility to me is like a summer day. If it’s gone, then it means the day after might also be sunny. Only in Lebanon though because Paris and Seattle have strange climate influences.

Nirvana said it best: never mind. Until you don’t feel a thing. My Shangri-La has returned!

A Secret Passed Around Like A Formula

I will talk about anything like I talk about cars. Confidence in me, in you and God. Who is responsible for that mess?

80% of us always feel like something’s watching us, and we have no privacy. Was it just a dream? The dominant idea is relaxation.

If the system is failing, someone will regulate. And he/she is always right. That’s why we don’t like that person.

A judge has taken over our lives and he’s nasty. When it comes to the crunch, he/she just hides in disgrace. Calls us mad but he’s the same.

If you want to succeed in life, make sure your work is a visible one. Because shadow business is so difficult that in the long run, it’s not sustainable. That’s why I’m writing a blog: I want to show my muscles.

I owe my soul to a strange bug called age 14.

Only children can rival with age 14. Yesterday, I read that children and adolescent are hard to understand. Maybe it’s just a matter of gaming.

My favorite game lately is Tetris. I used to play that game when I was young. And no doubt I have serious insights on how to make relationships work.

We owe our souls to good music, only if you listen. The night we were born, the moon turned fire red. Sadness or anger, queen jealousy has resumed her work.


We’re Talented, No Surprise We Stand Tall

With evolution, we like to depict a straight line from monkeys until today. Without mentioning the moments we doubt. Like that crystal meth moment that 1945 has made popular.

Before you diagnose yourself with a serious illness, make sure to ask what kind of bug is that? Mine is called monstrous love: it seems some people get their kicks from hurting us.

Do they care where they kick?

Thieves are in the temple and security decided to join them. What a wicked game. Nobody loves no one until it happens to you.

They say that talent is just a maniac disease if you don’t work hard. Who wants to work hard and then become a victim of “arbeit macht frei”?

Science and progress is a wonderful idea. Dreams are the best way to understand life. If I start talking about my dreams, it’s the same old, same old.

We are talented, why don’t we stand tall? I guess behind numbers there is a complex reality. We make it harder than it has to be because we got a chance to learn something.

If they care where they kick, then you know they will spot your weak point and start from here.

A Complex Identity, Let’s Start With Language

When I come back to Lebanon, I look like a tourist. I speak English and French fluently but Arabic is hard for me. Of course, I know the curse words.

Communication, it’s always the same. There’s you and there’s me. And there’s responsibility. With “fuhrerprinzip”, Hitler decided to be held accountable by no one.

That may be our 20th-century bitch: accounting.

According to a website I read yesterday, the goal with rentability is to have a 5:1 ratio. I spend 100$ and I get 500$. When I think about it, it makes sense.

When I was a student, you could see me at my best. And then I paid the price of love. Hypnosis is a funny way to control people. First, there is a hook and then you start traveling.

Traveling creates a complex identity.

I have no problems with eccentricity and creation as long as we don’t get handicapped with basic needs. Music has exorcised so many demons, why should we stop?

So, who can it be now torturing me? The usual suspect is Big Brother. I may include Big Sister. Big Brother sent me in a thermal cure with obese people. How do your knees feel?

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There’s Diamonds Hiding In My Hands
They’re Gonna Cut Through The Windows
Ain’t No One Messing With My Plans
Right Now My Star Is In Limbo
Sit Back And Watch My Scrawny Frame
Invade Your Feelings
All The Years You Caused Me Pain
I’ve Got Some Wounds That Need Healin

Well You Were Just Too Damn Aloof
Wearing Your Morrissey T-Shirt
The Kind Of Girl That’s Born For Youth
Well That’s A Blessing And Some Curse
I Tell You Son Beware Of Those
Who Peak Too Early
Cause All That Magic Can’t Be Froze
And Now It’s You Who Ain’t Worthy

So Baby When I Get Famous
Everybody’s Gonna See
Oh Oh Oh
You Never Really Knew Me

Does It Make Sense To Simplify
Now We’re Knotted In Riddles
But I Don’t Care, Do You Know Why
The Girls Are Falling Like Skittles
Whoever Said You Needed Rights
To Tame Your Beauty
I’ll Say Goodbye To Lonely Nights
Girls Form An Orderly Queue Please

So Baby When I Get Famous
Everybody’s Gonna See
Oh Oh Oh
You Never Really Knew Me

So Given Knowledge, Given Time
I’d Take Us Out Of Recession
I’d Tell The World That All Was Fine
And That There Freedom’s A Blessing
Cause When I’m Looking From The Top
You’ll All Seem Smaller
Ain’t That What All Us Humans Want?
To Stand That Little Bit Taller

So Baby When I Get Famous
Everybody’s Gonna See
Oh Oh Oh
You Never Really Knew Me

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!