What If The Body Was A Kind Of Social Proof?

Jul 03, 2019

Today I’m writing about your body and mine. I bought a magazine on the body and the only thing that I remember is the following: the body is a kind of social proof. As such, it’s just a reflection of your emotional intelligence.

I thought about 2 songs I find interesting that deal with the body: a song from Bobby McFerrin and one by the Presidents of the USA. The body could be linked to your identity and your beliefs. It’s also something that seems like a bad obsession.

I once read the body was a brain you would show to everybody. The skin which is an interesting organ has 3 functions:

  • protection (for example, from the environment),
  • justification (for example, as a way to explain something),
  • elimination (for example, to get rid of some bad emotion).

But since I’m a musician what I will remember is the following: your body is closely linked to your identity and your beliefs and it’s a bad obsession. I wonder how often a bad obsession can pay.

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I Think All The Time About You.

You made our souls a burning fire. I’m talking about the body. Those words from Stevie Wonder couldn’t sound more right when thinking about the body. After all, without a body, how could we interact with our environment?

I’m afraid people obsessed with their bodies will end up in a bottomless pit of rumination and intense negative emotions. That’s because you’re focusing on the physical side of the body and not on the chemical side.

When I was young I gave up obsessing about my body and focused on my behaviour. There was chemistry in my family and with close friends. We all know a bad obsession could be dangerous. Maybe it’s a kind of tunnel vision: you can’t help yourself, all you see is the body.

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Are You a Joker Or a Thief?

Your body according to music is closely linked to your identity. When it comes to identity, the face is the surest way to understand this concept. So, theoretically, if you have a perfect face, you might have a perfect body.

Now who can describe the body of a joker or a thief? I’m a musician even though I have a past life as an engineer. Maybe I’m also a boss/CEO (it’s true there’s only one person working for me).

But the thought that your face is closely linked to your body sums it all: you’re who you think you are. People afraid of getting old should remember age is just a number and as long you have a strong foundation, you should be OK.

Take care of your identity and your body will follow. I’m a talented musician but I also could start my own cab company (I love driving).

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Do You Believe In Life After Love?

Now the body could also be linked to your beliefs: if you believe in a healthy diet, your body could reflect that mindset. If you believe in abusing drugs, then your body also might betray you.

I believe in music and musicians can sometimes make false notes. But most of the time it will sound harmonious. And if you want to have a passion, you’d better make it a part of rich life instead of being badly obsessed. Because a passion can also hurt your body; you can witness that in sports.

I believe my body should be a social proof and now I’m wondering what kind of society I belong to. I used to work in banking: even though I never did cocaine, I feel numb all day. That’s why I prefer music: it’s the kind of direction that can enrich your vocabulary.

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What If Your Body Was Your Friend?

As a conclusion, I also remember body and buddy could be the same: what if your body was a friend of yours? You can count on him when the times are rough and even when the sun is shining.

I’m not saying your body is probably your only friend even though this might be debatable. I’m just saying it’s better if your body is your friend since it’s the thing most people will notice first about you. What do you want to show to the world first?

As a kind of social proof, the body can become a way to meet likeminded people. And you will save some time instead of finding the right words at the right time. Just get rid of your bad obsession or know the risks.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!