What Did This Blogging Journey Bring?

May 11, 2019

Now’s the time to talk about the numbers this blog has produced. They say life’s a journey and not a destination. But I do think it’s a journey and a destination.

I must say I’m deeply concerned about the financial aspect of this blogging job. I spent 2000$ in advertising (all the other stuff I’m using is free except WordPress and ProveSource, a social proof gadget). My blog has made near zero profit as of today.

So how come I’m still broke and what should we expect in the future? Should this blog make 2500$ quick so I can break even? Or should I aim for a 12000$ profit in order to consider blogging is a profitable activity?

Again reality hits us in the face: I’m thinking people don’t trust online payment. I’m using Stripe to manage the money transfer aspect of this blog and I want to reassure you: I don’t have access to your credit card information because it’s encrypted.

Online payments have still a little work to do before everybody can give even 3$ without worrying about their bank account. It’s amazing how you can see the light in the blink of an eye: people don’t trust online payments.

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How Can You Prove You Are Human?

Lately I had an idea: it seems I get some bot traffic to the blog and it’s messing up my statistics. Thus I decided to have a Turing test on the blog to determine who is human and who is a robot. I didn’t want to have a CAPTCHA test and show my readers pictures of traffic lights or store fronts.

Yes I decided that, to prove you are human, you have to make a random donation to the blog. Everything is automatic and, if you stay less than 5 minutes on a page, a popup will appear suggesting a random donation between 1 and 100€. I thought it was kind of bold to do that but I felt it was normal for somebody to make a small donation sometimes to a quality blog.

Before you go insane trying to make a living with blogging, make sure to check if your payment solution is a good one. Now are readers of that blog living a lie learning about music, astronomy and humanities?

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How Can You Tell Fake News From Real Ones?

On this blog we’re occasionally talking about news of the world like the space race, Carlos Ghosn or Real Donald Trump and his Mexico wall. But the real news to digest here is that I’m asking stupid question that someone 18 years old should be able to answer. For example, are desperate housewives happy at home or do they feel they should participate in the big harassment arena we call the workplace?

Partners of that blogging journey are starting to know me. Sometimes I contact support but I have rarely an urgent question because I know Rome wasn’t built in a day. You’d better trust me on this one: who can you rely on when it’s urgent?

A sense of urgency is always difficult to handle and important people know they must plan ahead well in advance if they don’t want to miss a thing.

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Before You Blog, Should You Learn To Write?

When I started that blog I read a lot on the dodgy subject of quality writing. It seems the basis of writing according to Hemingway is “rewriting”. I’m not rewriting a lot for that blog but I started to make the content that needs rewriting private (only accessible to subscribers, only 9.95€ a week).

I felt baby steps are so adorable but you want to look professional. Readers of that blog understand my meaning but they can’t help but notice my culture. I’m French and Lebanese and I speak English fluently. That’s a lot of culture to absorb and digest!

So before you start to blog, make sure your diet was healthy: Hemingway, Poe, Tarantino, Dire Straits and Jimi Hendrix! Now what’s the strange brew that kind of makes this blog a little bit like an intoxication?

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Will You Stop Scratching The 20th-Century Bitch?

Readers of that blog know that I’m Lebanese and it seems that Alois Brunner (the worst Nazi criminal) was hid by our neighbour Syria. Now I understand what I’ve been through: I understand it so much that I discovered someone used a chemical weapon on me when I was 17. I’m 38 years old and I’m still kinda shocked.

There’s a special kind of magic in the air when you think about passive income. I could wake the morning, not in a stranger’s coat but, with enough money to found a family and hire a small team of specialised people to help me make this blog a case study.

Did the Nazis disappoint us and leave a bad taste in our mouth? Anyway the key to making that blog a wonderful one could be holidays and resting.

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How Can You Tell What Tomorrow Brings?

Good stories are predictable. I see trees of green, red roses too and jealousy. Jealousy is a combination of sadness, anger, frustration and disgust. Most people handle jealousy with devaluation and control. I do think readers of that blog wonder if I’m serious and let me tell you this: I’m a big fan of astronomy and music. When you deal with music, you are working in humanities.

Sting used to sing about the relationship Russians have with their children. So let’s think about a child for a moment: you don’t want to play, you might as well quit. That’s why I gave up the dream to make a living with that blog and I will only blog because I know like 8000 songs!

Except for a miracle of Mother Nature or a Ginkgo Biloba, 1 billion blogs won’t allow me to live a happy life writing on the Internet. Online payments are too tight to mention but rest assured your secret code is safe with me because of encryption!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!