I Tested For You A Bleeding Heart.

Jul 20, 2019

Today I want to write about blogging everyday and maybe life and death also. It seems a bleeding heart is nothing new; according to the statistics, it became a widespread epidemic given the quantity of blogs there are on the internet. I read that million of posts were written everyday and it’s no wonder it takes some time before your blog takes off.

Let’s start with an advice for fellow bloggers I got from an article about things that will kill your blog. Most people give up and that is why they never experience the high. The author was saying his wife’s blog really took off after 2 years of blogging. And now she was even featured in Time magazine.

Now a word on the absence of comments on my blog. Yesterday I read that a blog without comments is creepy (like an old abandoned house). If you don’t say it’s wrong then that says it’s right.

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Is There A Way To Relieve The Pressure?

To relieve the pressures of touring and recording, Jimi Hendrix frequently jammed with musicians at local clubs. He was also a tape-recording enthusiast and traveled with his Sony two-track reel-to-reel recorder.

I guess every professional can feel some pressure in his job. Specially in Europe where the standards are high. And that’s why finding a way to relieve the pressure is maybe as old as prostitution.

As a blogger, to relieve the pressure of finding something to write about everyday, I listen to some music or spend time in coffee shops. The atmosphere is usually cozy and you can meet interesting people sometimes.

Oddly enough, relieving the pressure could be like reliving the pressure: it’s as if you remembered that bad rivalry and vengeance and wondered what could be the meaning exactly.

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What’s The Reason Behind This Bleeding Heart?

The French Revolution decided the days of christianity were over and revolutionaries decided to worship a supreme being and reason. But the reason behind my bleeding heart is very simple: I’ve been thunderstruck.

Our wonderful heritage from the Byzantine empire (who believed in Jesus’ message) was once again the subject of dispute. It’s hard to say it, I hate to say it but you probably can count only on yourself and people relying on themselves. Everyone else is like a burden constantly draining your energy.

Of course, that’s what friends are for: in good times or bad times they will be on your side. But treachery and treason there’s always an excuse for it. When I find the reason, it usually involves someone who wants to leave the city to spend time in nature with big money.

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Does The Big Bad World Owe Us Something?

Again if you try to come up with a definition of dignity, you stumble upon the definition of bioethics: something is owed to humanity because it’s human. Spending time with people thinking nobody owes you something is a mistake.

Take for example France: in this country respecting fundamental rights are guaranteed. The thing is that they keep on violating those laws without getting caught. But someone above doesn’t agree.

The European jungle might be civilised which means you won’t risk dying on a daily basis. But it’s still a jungle meaning someone might try to eat you. This is the difficult law of the European hell sponsored by Lebanon and its princesses.

In Lebanon girls are beautiful but something happened to Lebanese men it seems: a big bad Oedipus complex. Take for example my case: my father used to lead the geophysics centre in Lebanon which means he was at the head of Lebanese nature.

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Was It Misunderstanding And Princesses?

As a conclusion, it seems my heart is bleeding because of misunderstanding and princesses. Some former coworker used to think of me as a prince; I think he was talking about Niccolò Machiavelli. He didn’t know I was in the army even though sometimes it’s the enemy.

Some days are better than others. The European jungle which was born thanks to a strange game and a funky thing also caused my heart to bleed.

Another thing causes my heart to bleed: we never talk about WW3 and this great secret victory where I was central and I had control. It seems bad allusions have taken over like Barack Obama winning the Peace Nobel Prize and me winning 9 years of neuroleptics.

Yes dear reader I’m immortal: I could also explain to you how we found Ben Laden but it seems it’s a dodgy subject like are there or are there not UFOs or space people. So I want to thank readers of this blog because it seems it’s dead.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!