What's Behind The Success Of Eric Zemmour?

Aug 15, 2019

Éric Justin Léon Zemmour (born 31 August 1958) is a French writer and political journalist. His anti-liberal and anti-immigration positions, as well as the numerous controversies he has been involved in, are notorious in his homeland.

With the publication of The French Suicide (Le Suicide français) in 2014, a book for which he was awarded the Prix Combourg-Chateaubriand the following year, he gained popularity outside of France. He also received the Prix Richelieu in 2011 for the whole of his career as a journalist.

Born in Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis, he studied at Sciences Po.

I don’t like Eric Zemmour: I felt his book the French Suicide (blaming the current state of affairs in France on the generation of May 68) was settling scores with something he didn’t like. The music of the 60s was vibrant, and it’s the surest way to gauge a generation.

We all know what’s the problem with France. I already talked about it, thought about multiple hypotheses, and concluded France was a great country that needed a battle worth fighting for (the space race, Afghanistan at the heart of the Big Game, or maybe a few good men).

But why does Eric Zemmour is so well known in France? And what’s his business about exactly?

Can Somebody Play This Game Alone?

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We all know the kind of game you can play alone: Solitaire, Minesweeper, and much more. But the best games are the ones with a social aspect.

Thanks to my new method WtoH™ (inspired by my method 5to1™), I’m able to find a hidden meaning in words. When you transform the name of Eric Zemmour, thanks to the method, you understand what he is all about.

The guy is a player, that’s for sure. But he also owns the house and gets a special fee each time someone writes a book or a column in a magazine. He might even make money with me writing about him on this blog. He knows players don’t stand a chance, and that’s why he owns a part of the house and wants you to play with him.

Why Blame The French Suicide On May 68?

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I’m surprised sometimes to think I’m doing exactly like him on that blog: I mean, I don’t have any pretension to prove France suffered during May 68. There are things I can prove like Alois Brunner messing Paris up once again.

On this blog, I’m sharing a song with every post I write: that’s because I love music and trying not to sound like a moron every day is hard work!

The French suicide is easy to see: yesterday I was talking about suicide and how it could be related to Switzerland (bank secrecy, stunning landscapes, and serenity with Alka-Seltzer, an effervescent antacid and pain reliever).

But the real problem with France and this is everywhere the same: you have a problem with astronomy and how amateurs have a big role in your lives.

Does Zemmour Like To Keep An Eye On You?

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Recently Zemmour made a video with Élie Chouraqui called “The civil war will be bloody.” I mean, you can’t deny Zemmour is a cultivated man, but how can we be sure he’s not a spy for at least 2 foreign powers? In the spying business, working for 2 organizations is a standard but watch out if you get caught.

Time passe quickly, and we can’t help but notice those guys are getting old.

It’s like the Cold War: a war sponsored by older people. And Guns ‘n’ Roses about that: what we got here is a failure to communicate. Are you comfortable watching your “young people dying and crying”?

Were you a part of all fights behind or in front of the screen? The experience is the key to the gravity. And I wonder if those intellectuals shouldn’t participate in a war once because then you will learn words don’t come that easy.

Are The Good Old Days Gone?

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Donald has played his trump card, and he doesn’t know how to go on. Make America great again, or maybe make France guilty again (MFGA). What do you think of my analysis of Zemmour’s business (he’s a player and also owns a part of the house to have the fees)? Please leave a comment and explain your nuanced approach.

It’s so weird to witness brilliant intellectuals finding a scapegoat like May 68. I guess I could do the same and blame Islam for overthinking about conquests. Recently I read space was a Russian passion: Aldebaran and Alnitak are here to remind us it’s also an Arab passion. How far should we go with misinformation?

Abrahamic religions have been severely tested since 2001. But it seems we finally found out what it was all about.

I tried to find out how much was his net worth. I couldn’t find any information. Zemmour is a financial genius: he owns a part of the house, takes fees, and incites other players to play.

Nicolas Sursock

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