A Basic Yet Effective Model Of Society

Oct 03, 2018

A serious music insight from a song covered by Eric Clapton in his unplugged from 1994 confirms what my dear cousin used to say about those needing help.

Got to get better before you die. 7 doctors might have helped you but you still feel that heart attack like something you didn’t quite understand back in the days. Hey everyone, I’m Nicolas Sursock and I’m going to talk to you about the power of love.

Well, I didn’t want to talk about love in fact but a very simple model for our society that works in all environments. Especially among teenagers and obsessed people. We all know sometimes obsessions can pay but, most of the time, you will lose your mind.

That’s why I will let my cousin sum it nicely for all of us: a bunch of whores (man or woman). That model works really nice and you will be amazed by the results.

Was That Joy Inside Your Tears?

Yes, dear reader. I’m talking about you who feel helpless, unprepared and who is facing unexpected events like a civil war or a natural catastrophe. You’d better reduce the odds of facing a difficulty because you will find few people to help. Except maybe if you pay them a big reward.

I have another model for society that works fine also and who is more respectful of 100 years of life expectancy: infancy, adolescence, adulthood, midlife crisis, retirement etc… We are all intolerant to exercise. And the reason is of considerable importance.

I have another model who is interesting but requires a deep knowledge of human conscience that you could acquire by reading books, listening to music or watching movies. This model is based on the following: before you diagnose yourself with a strange illness, make sure to understand the bug.

The Answer Is Easy If You Are Logical

Take for example the 3rd model I talked about, also known as the Jesus model. We know the bug is complex and everything turns to brown:

  • slavery tracks from compromise,
  • monstrous love with opportunism,
  • vague subconscious mess,
  • drunk with rivalry and vengeance,
  • fundamental rights violation.

As you can see, the bug is not a bug, it’s difficult for a human conscience to imagine that. Especially in the long run. Most people have faced that bug and that’s why I think our life expectancy is reduced to maximum 100 years.

Now imagine a bug that allowed humanity to live healthy during 1000 years. Why that long? That’s because, as of today, space travels are difficult to imagine (we travel at 10% the speed of light).

I must say that bug has wonderful inspiration from the worst humans on Earth. I guess the motivation behind this is money, even though we’re trying hard to dignify that.

Society Is The Key To Gravity

Why society is important? We are not alone even though some like to remind us that we are. By the way, you will find them with lots of friends after witnessing them hitting rock bottom.

Society never treats us like it should. In the long run only because sometimes we have sparks of hopes and flames of amazement. Take for example the election of Barack Obama: the USA has elected a black man after years of slavery and a deadly civil war. And now in France, Emmanuel Macron is trying to represent hope and maybe audacity.

We need a society based on prevention. For example, crashing your car in a tree is not a funny thing to do and it’s avoidable. Mainly because it costs a lot and it should be monitored by a car manufacturer to improve cars and their security.

Our Society Shouldn’t Feel Down And Out

As a conclusion, we need a society based on prevention, instead of whores, bugs, and intolerance. With solid foundations, we will understand that it’s not funny to crash a car in a tree while you are French kissing your loved one. Yes to French kiss, no to cancer!

If you want my body, and you think I’m sexy with that kind of society, then feel free to let me know. I’m still haunting Paris a little bit but will soon be back in Beirut to spend 300 days in the sun a year. Because 300 days of strange efforts a year is more than a man can take.

The lesson we should remember from that post is always related to my love for signal processing: do a fundamental analysis and watch the harmonics. For example, I used to work in banking and people were ready to kill for sex and money.

What if our society was based on impunity and injustice? Do we need a society with fewer inequalities or a society with better referees and an educated audience?

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!