Bad To The Bone: I've Seen That Loneliness Before.

Dec 12, 2019

Today I was speaking with the waitress of the coffee shop I’m spending my time in and we talked about Deja Vu. It’s a strange phenomenon but it’s the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before. The phrase translates literally as “already seen”.

Although some interpret déjà vu in a paranormal context, mainstream scientific approaches reject the explanation of déjà vu as “precognition” or “prophecy”.

Two types of déjà vu are recognized: the pathological déjà vu usually associated with a bad disease like epilepsy, and the non-pathological type characteristic of healthy people. People who travel more or watch more movies are more likely to experience déjà vu than others.

What if deja vu was a trick of our survival obsession? You’ve seen that face before because it’s unknown to you and thus it can become scary. We know humans like pattern recognition: good, bad, with moderation.

Most Of The Time, Deja Vu Is Linked To Pressure.

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People also tend to experience déjà vu more in fragile conditions or under high pressure, and research shows that the experience of déjà vu also decreases with age. According to the lyrics of the song by Dionne Warwick, I had a Deja Vu in 2005.

In 2002, I started dating a girl during 3 years and then we broke up. By the way, the main reason why we broke up is because she toyed with knives under strange conditions.

Anyway, Rafic Hariri had been assassinated and we went to a rally to support Hariri and condemn that kind of assassination reminding you of a bad teacher. Suddenly I saw her at the rally and she was avoiding me pretending we don’t know each other.

This is insane: she didn’t even say hello. I felt her love like a love I used to know. Since that moment, I’m always dreaming of love because I don’t know how to love anymore. But I had seen that situation before.

Is It Only A Way To Feel More Comfortable?

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Since the end of 2007, I’m spending my time in a coffee shop blogging. I’ve seen that situation before and my brain was oxygenated.

Life is an extreme experience since you’re born and, without solidarity, you can end messed up pretty badly. That’s why it would be interesting to know if deja vu only occurs when you’re alone in a crowd.

I’ve seen that situation before and you prefer to be blasé instead of showing how excited you are about what you’re going through. That’s because people can bleed you easily when you’re young. This could explain why, with age, this phenomenon decreases.

Do You Have To Dream Or Can You Make It Come True?

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In the song, Warwick doesn’t want to dream because she says we know how to love. When you’re skilled in something and the challenge is easy, you can feel relaxation.

Now it could be a good idea to decide if a love story is something complicated or if it’s trivial. Because if love is complicated you can end up with a control freak or, worse, you can end up living this story with your friends, acquaintances, teachers or accountant.

Dreaming of love is nice but there’s nothing like the real thing. I’ve loved once between the age of 22 and 25. It’s a wonderful experience with a few nightmares. I guess when you don’t wake up it can be a very bad sign.

When you want a partner, I think the best thing to do is to make sure you won’t let each other down when the nightmares come ringing at your door. We stayed together 3 years but I discovered we had a different agenda.

You Keep Remembering The People But…

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As a conclusion, let’s remember a song by Method Man stating that context is critical. Warwick seem to remember the people but she didn’t mention the context. She mentioned a different space and time but that’s all we know.

Deja vu could then be another traumatic experience where you feel like a stone or a brick. The memory of the danger keeps haunting you and you end up sick and tired.

Again this phenomenon might be another survival trick to feel comfortable in a situation that can be intense. Intense emotions can be complex and drain life from you if you can’t find words or a music or an artwork.

Prehistoric people used to draw animals on the walls of their cave. Today we can see those animals and feel like a deja vu. We must confess: this loneliness won’t leave us alone. Another traumatic experience!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!