Why Don't You Know A Thing?

Nov 15, 2018

This post was inspired by a strange thought I had a while ago and supported by this song from Yngwie Malmsteen called “I Don’t Know”. Apathy is an idea.

When I think of apathy and how the right words are “I don’t know a thing”, I try to remember my engineering school. I was downloading a lot of MP3s like many of us did and I was wondering why the sample rate was 44.1 kHz when you encoded songs in a lossless format. Now I will show you that I know something.

Everyone knows the human ear can hear sounds roughly between 20 Hz and 22,050 Hz. Several animal species are able to hear frequencies well beyond the human hearing range. Some dolphins and bats, for example, can hear frequencies up to 100,000 Hz. Elephants can hear sounds at 14–16 Hz, while some whales can hear infrasonic sounds as low as 7 Hz (in water).

The Shannon sampling theorem introduces the concept of a sample rate that is sufficient for perfect fidelity. If you sample a sound at twice the maximum frequency (here 22,050 Hz), you can achieve perfect fidelity when you want to play the sound. Maybe some couples could get inspired by that?

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But enough joking on the subject of adultery. I’m thinking about space right now and I think we all do it unconsciously.

Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

What Do You Feel Thinking About Space?

When you look at the sky, you can’t help but wonder how come the Milky Way is so big and how come there are so many other galaxies in the universe. That thought makes me weak but only because I know many people wonder if we will be able one day to explore space.

Given the pace at which the world population is growing, exploring space becomes a priority. I guess we’re all afraid of what we will discover in space and that may be why we’re still hesitating. We will find proofs of an ancient fight meaning some people already explored space a long time ago.

That’s why I will reveal what my thoughts are about what we will find in space: MONSTERS. But those monsters will be civilized and if something goes wrong, we will be able to bond by making excuses and sharing our journey so far.

We shouldn’t be afraid of space travels. Maybe changing shouldn’t be a revolution but an evolution.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What Will Happen If We Change?

It comes as no surprise for an astronomy fan to tell everyone that space should be a priority. Everybody knows that space travels will have a deep impact here on Earth: you could spend the morning in Myanmar, the afternoon in Peru and the evening in Paris or Beirut.

But the more I think about it, the more I think I’m tired of this journey within. Everywhere you go on Earth, people only have money on their minds. I must confess: I guess the future will belong to our livers and vomiting might become a part of our daily routine.

Now, this is easy to digest: the Earth could become a better place where we would meditate using music (not necessarily with words). Music is so powerful it’s no wonder we have so many artists and so many songs to listen to (even though one could try to define 1000 songs you should listen to before you die). With music, you can sometimes look at our big universe like our ancestors did.

Music and sounds are so powerful as a time machine. Do we have to live like that, never needing anything except music?

Photo by Edward Eyer on Pexels.com

What Do You Mean This Is Crazy?

Another easy effort for our livers is the following: we will have to recognise the fact we were wrong for a long time. The reason why is easy to see: we’re lost in a masquerade and playing with our loneliness as if it was a secret weapon for seduction. With every wound comes a mask.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word crazy is the song from Carly Rae Japsen: “this is crazy, here’s my number and call me maybe”. And Seal would say “we will not survive if we don’t go a little crazy”. There comes a time to be free of the heart and it might be the end of the original sin.

We will have to face new challenges, that’s for sure, like living healthy 1000 years or being comfortable with traveling faster and faster. Sometimes I wonder who made the laws that make space travels complicated: attraction, resonance and gravitation. If I was president, the first law I would make would be called “The Sirius Act”: let’s be serious about astronomy. We will find MONSTERS in space but we shouldn’t be afraid.

Soon space travels will feel like getting up and having a coffee. But what’s the typical day in developed countries as of today?

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One Typical Behaviour At The Office.

One minute is fine, the next is black. So if you want me off your back, you gotta let me know: let’s try to colonize the nearest exoplanet and make it a 24-hour trip maximum. And for that to become a reality, we have to stop looking obsessively at the past and only from time to time should we take a look.

We have to define a horizon and everyone knows you should look the furthest possible. Human history started 7 million years ago and we could think of the next 7 million years then. I don’t see trees of green and red roses, but I see a secondary residence and watching the stars set while sipping a tequila sunrise with your loved ones.

Now 7 million years might be a bit long but how come some characters in the Bible lived almost 1000 years? Maybe we could have some inspiration from the Holy Book. Let’s think of a song from Genesis called “Living Forever”: there will be a tomorrow during maximum 1000 years. Harrison Ford shouted lately you should elect people who believe in science.

Space travels can’t be more complicated than working in an open space. As a conclusion, let’s see which mantra I found in this song.

Photo by Nitin Dhumal on Pexels.com

How To Feel Like You’re Family.

Malmsteen has a point: too many uniforms try to run the show. This is the mantra I will remember from the song. The experience is key when it comes to decision-making and emotional intelligence. People don’t know who is running the world and it seems the ones who do focus on numbers because they don’t lie.

I hope they remember that behind every success there is a method, like sympathy, humor, solidarity and so on and so forth. Method Man would say that context is critical but I know some details start to invade the whole planet like WW2 and the Europe contintent (who is no more an ideal).

When you don’t know a thing, I wonder if you are good for the job of running a show. This is the future of humans until age 100. When you think about it, knowing nothing means you might know a lot. Last time I was sober, man I felt bad…

We’ve got the sweetest hangover we don’t want to get over. I had a friend who liked to say: “why not believe in humans?” That’s because some of us became robots: someone managed to upload a stupid program. According to Freud, if we had a strong impression of a stage in our lives, we might become stuck with those behaviors.

You don’t have to wear a uniform but one should think about deviance which can become a norm. Next post will be about another bomb track that will inspire me to write.

Given the pace at which the world population is growing, exploring space becomes a priority. I guess we’re all afraid of what we will discover in space and that may be why we’re still hesitating. We will find proofs of an ancient fight meaning some people already explored space a long time ago.

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Nicolas Sursock

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