Why Don't We Need Another Cheap Diploma?

May 16, 2019

Recently on my LinkedIn network, I noticed someone liking an article mentioning the famous accounting firm Ernst & Young will not consider success in school as a sign of success in life. I guess they must be right based on my experience: at the end of high school, I had my A-levels narrowly with an intriguing note evoking the political police.

12 years later, I was off to save the world with success: I was hailed by presidents, cosmic debris and the planet Earth. Was it a kind of misery insisting the weight of the world should be on my shoulders?

Anyway it’s no secret the stars are falling from the sky and the universe will explode because of a bad grade in philosophy. Take a look at the trees: they didn’t move for Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. So why does an accounting firm considers school is not a sign of success later in life?

We don’t need another diploma and students’ madness! But maybe it was a bad case of first love experiences that will shape your future.

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Was School The First Place To Flirt?

Women in school perform better than their male counterpart. Maybe this is the first case of injustice we can witness since it’s no secret abuse of power is a standard of performance. Skills can show easily and I remember one of my history teacher reading the book instead of explaining his expertise.

The first oil shock is a global oil price crisis that begins in 1971 as a result of peak oil production in the United States and the abandonment of the Bretton Woods agreements, which results in a high concentration of dollar devaluation and therefore oil prices that are denominated in dollars.

The economic crisis induced, however, is often associated with this shock because of the OPEC embargo declaration further accelerating the rise in oil prices in the context of the Yom Kippur War. From October 1973 (the traditional date associated with the beginning of the crisis) to March 1974, the price per barrel rose fourfold from $ 2.59 to $ 11.65. The effects of the “first oil shock” will be felt until 1978. A second shock will follow in 1979.

With the 1973 oil shock, we started to flirt again with the darkest moments of history. What if the Trente Glorieuses were just a bad case of solidarity?

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What If You Make A Donation To The Dragon?

Les Trente Glorieuses (French pronunciation, ‘The Glorious Thirty’) was the thirty years from 1945 to 1975 following the end of the Second World War in France. The name was first used by the French demographer Jean Fourastié. Fourastié coined the term in 1979 with the publication of his book Les Trente Glorieuses, ou la révolution invisible de 1946 à 1975 (‘The Glorious Thirty, or the Invisible Revolution from 1946 to 1975’).

The term is derived from Les Trois Glorieuses (‘The Glorious Three’), the three days of revolution on 27–29 July 1830 in France. What if during those years people had no problems donating to a blog? It’s been almost 2 years since I started that blog and I received 3 donations.

As early as 1944, Charles de Gaulle introduced a dirigiste economic policy, which included substantial state-directed control over a capitalist economy which was followed by 30 years of unprecedented growth, known as the Trente Glorieuses.

Maybe it’s time our governments consider a serious sign of economic health: donations. Now, what if you find a secret collection of cheap love songs in your parents’ room?

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What If You’re Caught Redhanded Cheating?

Last time I cheated at an exam, I don’t remember when it was. I always felt cheating is a bad thing even though you can sometimes make a compromise. Take for example chemotherapy that you recycled to get rid of acne vulgaris and dirty spots on your skin. 400 years of medicine to get rid of a few buttons demonstrating a little fever.

Yes, I’m talking about the now famous product Roaccutane. It seems a teenager under this product decided to mimic Ben Laden’s minion, take a plane and crash it in a building. Yes dear reader: this could have been me but instead I’m writing on a blog.

Last time I was sober, I used to come to the parties I was invited to and I used to play on the computer to listen carefully to some music. Of course, since then, I also dived in the Mediterranean and had an almost 3 years relationship with a woman.

You’ve got 10 years to lose if someone catches you cheating but only if it’s a menace to society. And what about ridiculous demands now like traveling easily in the Milky Way?

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Can Teachers And Students Take Us Out Of Here?

In 5 billion years the Sun will die: the explosion will destroy the Earth. The Sun will go through a phase where it will be a red giant and the remnant of the star will form a white dwarf.

That’s why with that blog I also want to talk about astronomy. Sure recommending some music and talking about anything is nice but the priority is to travel easily in the Milky Way. And I do think all it takes is a little effort: that’s why we don’t care about the diploma as long as you can prove you are skilled in something.

Sure it might help to have good grades at school but the truth is you learn all your life. Now I can talk easily about the problems of the Earth like, for example, all those uniforms that try to run the show.

By the way, do you know there’s an album called “Death of the Sun”? It’s the fifth album by Cul de Sac, released on February 18, 2003, through Strange Attractors Audio House. Cul de Sac means a dead end in French!

Diplomas aren’t mandatory if you can prove you’re skilled in something. Maybe because we will need all the skills on Earth to finally travel in the Milky Way without having a heart attack!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!