Are We Really Animals Or What?

Mar 22, 2019

Lately, I was wondering if humans could be jealous of animals. After all, they seem to have a clear point of view on life. I have met so many beautiful dogs in my life that sometimes I’m wondering if I couldn’t bring back some animality in my life.

I was browsing the web on this topic and stumbled upon that information: humans can experience emotions that are useless. Or maybe they’re working on emotions and wondering what they will do with it. Animals mostly experience simple emotions even though they might be able to feel guilt and other secondary/mixed emotions.

I guess the best emotions are the simple ones like falling suddenly on your bed crying like a mad man. At the moment the emotions I have to deal with make me wonder if there’s a way out. Maybe I was married and didn’t know it?

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How Do You Know Your Feelings Don’t Count?

When a feeling becomes too complex, it can wear you out. What am I supposed to do with what I’m going through right now? I know 5000 songs and couldn’t find one that could explain what I’m feeling. Should I create a song about it or should I realise those feelings are so fake that they fool no one?

Those feelings made me lose all my hair. When I was young my mother’s friends used to be in awe when they saw my hair. I guess those feelings are about that: where did your animality go?

It’s true words seem to set humans and animals apart. Maybe it’s high-level languages or abstraction that sets us apart. But how can I make an abstract now about my life? I will try this: “I’m a talented musician and good things are going to come my way”.

Being able to make a quick summary of your feelings is a skill. But what can you afford some feelings like guilt and shame?

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Why Is Luxury So Frowned Upon?

Most of us hate luxury. As a survival junkie, I couldn’t agree more. But why should we focus on only what allows to survive?

I guess luxury is a sign of a brilliant civilisation that can afford a bit of fantasy. When I’m talking about fantasy, I’m talking for example about space exploration, oceans exploration, building pyramids, and hanging gardens. Yes, fantasy is not an ugly word. After all, why should we get stuck with sharks that can’t even get out of the water?

So the feelings I’m experiencing might be a luxury and a sign that I can afford some bad beats. It’s true, not everyone can afford to be sick and tired. But we never know: what if this dust on my hand was gold?

Some people can’t afford some feelings because they distract them. What if this was a bad case of allusions and culture?

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A Culture Centred On Animality.

It’s true animality is so comfortable. Because the limbic brain and neocortex are disturbing me now. Everybody knows the ending and that’s a sad story. You win or lose, it’s a chance you have to take.

It’s true our life expectancy reached almost 100 years. But are we living better? I think we might live so badly that we consider this a crime against humanity and time doesn’t make any sense anymore. Only when we are 100 years old we start to understand animality again.

Thus we are not living better and we want to live longer to see where that 20th-century bitch is taking us. She’s taking us where we shouldn’t go: massacre! It’s like when you discover Jimi Hendrix and can’t fully grasp the subtle nuances Jimi added to music and guitar.

The jungle rules your head and you can’t tell the difference between good and bad music.  What if discovering a new emotion could be useful for humanity?

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With Time You Will Understand The Beauty.

Animals are stuck. They’ve been stuck for a long time and we all know sharks who don’t have cancer still can’t get out of the sea. That’s why new emotions might be useful and could help you reach the next level. Because everybody in life can reach some plateau and arrested development (or maybe development hell).

With a little rewrite, the story of humanity could become grandiose and splendid. How many saviours and prophets will appear before we understand our resources are limited?

What are we going to tell our children? Beware of those moments where you hesitate, someone will take a stone from your soul and lead you in an awkward direction. The only direction for humans and animals is, of course, the one that allows staying on the road!

Only time and work can make you fully aware of the beauty and worth of your environment. I hope those emotions can mean something to somebody!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!