Where Did The Ancients Go Wrong?

Mar 30, 2019

Lately, I was a bit sick and tired because I felt the Ancients had lots of fun and we are paying for their mistakes. But there’s a game called Defence of the Ancients that helps me wonder if we’re not too severe and cruel with those we can’t understand.

Yesterday I had an illumination: I know where the Ancients went wrong. While they were looking for the grail, they thought it was a stone. While this could be debatable, since only talking can make us human, the grail was, of course, a word. It couldn’t be a stone although it was an interesting angle.

They talk about us like dogs and they talk about the clothes we wear. Hey mister businessman, you can’t dress like me. But one might wonder if the grail was the only thing that the Ancients got wrong. After all, science also had difficult moments and it’s true we need some proof or evidence.

Was the grail the only thing that the Ancients got wrong? We’re not going to like what I’m going to write now.

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Why Was The Earth The Center Of The Universe?

It seems the Ancients got wrong something very important. I’m not even talking about stupid minds who still tell us the Earth is flat. I’m talking about a very important thing: our place in the universe. The universe is so big: we must pay attention to surprises.

For example, since we started focusing on discovering exoplanets, we found like 3000 already. Imagine what it could do down there to end misery and poverty. Yes, we must respect the environment and the first environment to respect is the universe. Yes, we can sing about planet Earth and how generous and diverse it is.

The surprise here is that we should have focused a long time ago on going out of the Milky Way. Now’s the time to make space affordable or we will still be stuck with sterile debates about the nature of God!

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God Is Too Mysterious And Life Is Too Serious.

It’s true we needed to buy some time until we are sure because sometimes words can have 2 meanings. Was the code the code or was the code the fact there was a code? If humanity is encrypted then what we will discover is difficult things like the laws of gravity.

To me gravity is very simple: instead of doubling the importance of gravity, we need to make gravity twice less important. Yes, tomorrow I could spend the morning in Paris and the afternoon in Beirut. I wouldn’t have to really face the physical environment. Some of us do it on a daily basis.

Teleportation means giving less importance to the physical environment. When I go out the morning to work, I’m focusing on skills (relaxation and control), not physics.


Were The Ancients Victim Of Circumstances?

I know what the Ancients are thinking: we still belong and don’t get us wrong. But the truth is we need to speak our minds even if this won’t make them feel comfortable. Have you ever watched Roger Federer arguing with the referee? “Don’t tell me to shut up, I will speak if I want to”. This guy is the greatest tennis player ever: better than Pete Sampras or Yannick Noah.

So if we don’t shut up, what are we going to say? You can be a victim of circumstance or you can become lucky. You could go home every day watching the sunset and singing an ambitious song. Or you could contribute in some way to restore hope. I’ve got some friends who died and, except maybe for reincarnation, I don’t see any hope for them.

You can talk about circumstances or you can make the miracle happen. I guess defense wins championships then.

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How To Breathe Naturally And Effortlessly.

As a conclusion, one day we will ask why some of our children only have one eye. Of course, some people will say it’s the fault of the Ancients. But it could be just another anomaly of the bestiary. Some people think the mysterious creature of the past were just ill people that became a monster like vampires or elves.

I want to restore hope for humanity and I think we finally found the solution: teleportation. Try every day not to face the physical environment and look for signs pointing into the right direction: easy to digest, a great year, a nice conversation or flexibility.

When I went to the mountains to lose weight, I lost 20 kilos in 6 months when I came back to Paris. One should understand teleportation is already a reality.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!