Why Are Americans Ruling The World?

Jun 12, 2019

It’s true some people wonder why Americans are so good. Why are they ruling the world? I read recently that no other empire brought that much progress to humanity.

Today I have no doubt about the true power of America: they focused on a superior art form like music and they have a kind of honesty that can avoid a long stay in hospital. And I’m going to illustrate this with 2 songs: “Soul Shadows” by The Crusaders feat. Bill Withers and “Separate Ways” by Gary Moore.

Now the real question is why would you want to be dishonest and lack frankness. Are you just being polite or hypocritical? Every honest signal reinforces the group and we are under the same sun (except maybe in the dirty old part of the city).

You know when you lose the sense of humour there’s a real problem. Anyway let’s try to be honest about humanity: there are feelings we just can’t shake.

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Feeling #1: Are People Unfair Because Of Impunity?

Early in my life I was the subject of a big injustice. In front of all the family I was mistreated. I’m not even talking about mistreatments at school. It seems there was a conspiracy to make fun of me in public.

While I didn’t find that too disturbing for some time, right now I’m starting to think it’s a fundamental problem. Because it’s the sign of a bad disease that’s not treated correctly. Instead of dealing with this like they did, people around me could have asked me what was the problem.

Instead they chose to turn this into something monstrous. Maybe in their mad minds they hated what happened. Maybe they forgot why they behaved like this. Maybe they thought it was an advantage related to an adaptation problem.

One thing is sure though: the point of view is critical. Now we know what went wrong: pure lynching as if we were in the 19th century in the wild Wild West.

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Feeling #2: Who Should Feel Concerned About This?

Sometimes your life events can become weird: for example, in 2001, I had the best summer of my life. Suddenly 2 planes crash in New York. You know I felt concerned since I listen a lot to American and English poetry and music.

What happened after is beyond the imagination of many human beings. Today I’m still fighting a somatisation disorder that shows on my hands and feet. Long story short: I should play the guitar and the bottom part of my body is hallucinating.

The guitar is a wonderful instrument and I think only the piano can be a rival. It’s made of wood and you can play chords, a melody and bring it to the beach. No wonder it’s one of the most popular instrument. Why should we learn music using a flute?

As for my legs, I hope they won’t break with the kind of person that’s surrounding me. I mean there’s absolutely no problem: if you have money or you are healthy, they will spend some time with you. Otherwise, they will discard you as fast as they wanted to be with you.

Concerning space, security or the future of our children, we should all feel concerned. And maybe we should feel concerned about finding the right words (not necessarily at the right time).

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Feeling #3: Did You Do It For Love Or Money?

They say the key to motivation is setting goals. A band called The Do once famously sang about goals. The singer was delighted to have one and felt relieved.

I always felt my goal was to unlock our space potential. As demonstrated by my B+ grade in astronomy when I was 18, I thought that making something absolutely crazy (not necessarily wrong) would wake up powerful people and we would get the key to make space travels affordable.

The more I think about it, the more I think it was kind of simple: stop fooling around and get a good alliance. My former mate was haunted by memories of her adolescence and brought back my memories (maybe that’s why I’m ruminating a chemotherapy today).

I need a mate who can make me feel like… LOL I don’t know what kind of partner I need. Maybe the partner I need is the kind you can go on holidays with: Cancun, Mendoza, Vladivostok or maybe Corsica.

I guess writing a blog can clarify one’s mind. The goal then would be to go on holidays, even if it’s not far away like Cyprus.

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Feeling #4: What’s My Lawyer Doing Exactly?

People have a way to deal with troubles and pressure in very creative way. Sometimes they start behaving like the one who made fun of them because they felt he/she was powerful. Sometimes they just make a caricature of themselves exaggerating the weird stuff like a chemotherapy to get rid of acne vulgaris. Sometimes they just stay in bed all day thinking Madonna or Jude Law will knock on their door.

But sometimes they start to talk with the emblem of justice: a lawyer. I once had a lawyer to help me through a rough time I was having while I wanted to leave the company I worked for.

I wanted to leave the company but I wanted them to give me money. I didn’t know how to do it exactly but I knew I had to ask for an amount and there would be a negotiation. At first, the company wanted to give me 10k euros so I asked for 50k euros. Suddenly I was summoned to make a document to help the company move their office but I had an engineering diploma.

I talked to my lawyer and she said: “why don’t you do it?” I was speechless: I have an engineering diploma you dumbass, I don’t have time for helping the company move their office. Some lawyers can leave a bad taste in your mouth.


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!