Am I Going To Reveal Who Is The Real Dirtbag?

Dec 04, 2019

Today I was speaking with an acquaintance and he told me I should talk about the Lebanese revolution and our corrupt politicians. There’s a song mentioning corruption by Gorillaz but there’s of course a French song by humorists Les Inconnus about politicians.

In this song, Les Inconnus mention the fact politicians are mean. What this implies is that they forgot about politeness or maybe hypocrisy and everything they say comes from the heart.

I’m not that skilled in Lebanese politics even though I used to read Courrier International and L’Orient Le Jour. But there’s one thing I know from my 20 years in Paris: the extremes are playing a trick on us.

What this means is that one day you wake up and you got a porno graffiti on your body. You know it’s the kind of physical graffiti that might bleed once in a while. Watch out for what’s inside because it will stink for sure. The bug is coming to test us!

Does The Memory Linger Like That Strange Night?

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You know you want to forget so that new memories can take over like a walk down on Main Street. But there must be a reason why the memory won’t go away. We remember all the stupid jokes someone played on us since 1990.

At that time, there was a music movement near Seattle called grunge. The media was encouraged to describe it as “grunge”, which came to mean a punk and metal hybrid style of music.

Grunge was commercially successful in the early to mid-1990s, due to releases such as Nirvana’s Nevermind. Grunge became the most popular form of rock music at the time. The lyrics brought socially conscious issues into pop culture and added introspection and an exploration of what it means to be true to oneself (authenticity).

They Are Known For Raping And Killing The Population.

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Grunge lyrics are typically angst-filled and introspective, often addressing themes such as social alienation, self-doubt, abuse, neglect, betrayal, social and emotional isolation, psychological trauma and a desire for freedom.

Maybe we should ask politicians what kind of food for thoughts they put in their brains. What’s your favourite book, artist or movement?

Fouad Siniora (born 19 July 1943) is a Lebanese politician, a former Prime Minister of Lebanon, a position he held from 19 July 2005 to 25 May 2008. He stepped down on 9 November 2009 in favor of Saad Hariri, the late Rafik Hariri’s son. He is the leader of the parliamentary group of the Future Movement.

Siniora is known for his interest in Arab literature and poetry. Musically I’m also always amazed by the Arabic scale in music. But it seems it’s not very far from the Byzantine scale.

Does Ambition Make You Look Pretty Ugly?

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Not another mother fuckin’ politician doin’ nothin’ but something for his own ambition. Our only goal shouldn’t be the western shore like immigrants. Our only goal should be to remain balanced. With time it becomes harder and harder.

I was watching an interview of Lula (former Brazilian president) and he was trying to get in the head of the population: they want to eat and they want to work. But I think the population wants a good reason to support their leaders. And the leaders should give the population something like food or money.

You know sometimes you hit rock bottom: you’re never treated like you should. You know the situation is going to last and that might be why it scares you. As far as I’m concerned I think my blues won’t go away before 2035 (15 fuckin’ years).

What Do You Do When The Bug Messes You Up?

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As a conclusion, in medicine, they made conscious the fact sometimes a bug can come and test your resistances. The strongest animal I know that survived a lot of difficult eras of the Earth looks like a sausage with claws.

I know the extremes want to take the power (be it the right or the left). I know the porno graffiti can appear without warning. I know it’s dangerous to mention a bad mother fucker. I know you have a solution to every troubles on Earth.

I guess history is filled with examples to follow and examples to avoid. With revolution, we don’t want to make the same mistakes than before.

There’s only one way to have an OK politician and I think we must make sure what his/her food for thought is. I listen mostly to jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk, electro and pop music. Does that make me a good person?

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!