How To Always Shine Like A Star

Jan 19, 2019

This post was inspired by several songs but mainly 2 songs from Morcheeba and Dionne Warwick. To shine like a star, don’t forget a good astronomy education.

Remember when you were young: you shone like the sun. Those lyrics from Pink Floyd couldn’t sound more right on that post. And today, I’m going to talk about the secret to shine like a star during your whole life.

The first thing to remember is that, one day, you will be exhausted. You have to trust in something then: karma, Jesus, music or philosophy. But it’s about trust. And that kind of confidence can fluctuate for a reason that most people don’t understand.

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Then what can be the secret behind all that jazz? Of course, working hard is a good idea but sometimes it’s not enough. Some astronomy background could also be beneficial.

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The First Step Is Working

Most of us don’t realise it but sometimes an employer or someone you like can have hesitation about you and your indecent proposal. You might wonder why but I’m going to reveal what it’s all about: you kiss like the kiss of death.

Most of us will love lots of money but the truth is it’s much more rewarding to be a part of something that makes sense like being in a movie, discovering a small business… And while you wonder if this is a good idea, don’t forget fundamental things apply everyday: monitor your influences, stay safe while it’s dark outside.

Most of us have a past, sometimes it’s difficult and sometimes there are good things. But the key here is to have a horizon. Without a horizon, your past is useless. It’s like driving a car without a windshield or with two eyes looking at the passenger’s seat.

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Step By Step, This Door Will Unlock

I know what you’re thinking here: wait a minute, this key doesn’t unlock this door. And you have a bad, bad feeling reading that post because the place is on fire. We’d better take it easy; that’s a stupid advice but it makes sense.

When you can maintain a healthy lifestyle or weight, you will understand the bad influences are not that bad (like Puff Daddy or R. Kelly, even though they kind of take seriously their songs who look like a joke). You don’t know what you got until you lose it; but now I realise success and failure are not normal.

I used to think the key to success was working hard. But the key to success might just be analysing success and failure. For example, one of my biggest failure was failing to get out of my parents’ house before some crazy girl told me over and over again that children don’t belong to parents.

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The Chance Will Be Around

I know how you feel: you feel your luck can’t change (if you have bad luck) and you’re afraid your luck can change (if everything’s cool right now). No matter how hard you try, there is one thing for sure: better save some money for the rainy days.

You’d better not get old or you gonna feel the cold. It’s true sometimes I quote songs that I like as if these were my words. I prefer listening to the songs because people put you in debt forever with priceless advice like “don’t be a naughty Eskimo”.

Of course, dreams are important in understanding your subconscious mind because it’s the best and safest way. When you’re finished, you just have to wake up (also works with nightmares by the way).

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Many Lessons Learned Since 1980

I have a message for Michael and other people: quitting might seem like a solution but the truth is that, if you don’t quit, you will learn so many lessons that are worth the effort. Like that one time where I saved someone from a big mess (the mess was so big that government and industry were interested to understand).

And now we have the key after several years of hard work. But, like I said, this key might not unlock this door. You got keys and doors; what should you do?

I learned so many lessons by holding on (this was inspired by Maria Sharapova who said she learned a lot of things lately). The first lesson I remember is: if you want dirty love, you need to surrender to the dragon in your dreams. The second lesson I remember is: it’s normal to be a little nervous with strangers.

If you want to shine like a star for your whole life, make sure to monitor your weight and your influence. You also should remain at a safe distance from others in order to feel the sunshine.

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There’s A Method Behind Success

If you listen to Method Man, you know context is critical. If you tell someone the right words at the right time, he or she is yours. Sometimes words don’t come easy but a dominant idea should be enough. It will take some effort to find the 50 shades of that idea.

I read in a medicine book that humanity might be intolerant to exercise. This is a disturbing thought but I like the idea. My body language sometimes is puzzling me. That might be because I escaped several assassination attempt since 2001. No wonder my dignity is failing me but I will find her back.

You can become a stranger to yourself. That’s why I’m thinking of astronomy to paint a nice picture in your mind (and in mine).

If you want to shine like a star for your whole life, make sure to monitor your weight and your influence. You also should remain at a safe distance from others in order to feel the sunshine.

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Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!