A Nonchalant Method To Get Over Skepticism!

Jan 26, 2020

Readers of that blog know my passion is music, and I also have a past in engineering. I gave up engineering because of women; after eighteen years spent trying to replace my ex-girlfriend, I decided I was a man and a human before being an engineer.

But I’m like most of you, dear reader: I’m also a criminologist when I have time to spare. It seems that dreaming is a very demanding activity for the brain, and being a criminologist might be better for your health. But you have to have a method if you want to reproduce good results daily.

As you all know, I came up with a secure method to find hidden meaning in words. At first, it was to get inspiration for songwriting and blogging. Today I’m going to reveal what my system found when we want to know the difference between men and women.

The secret code is on sale on my products page. You will get a PDF with the secret combinations to create a new word from a random word. It’s entertaining and stimulating.

Do Women Want To Be Safely Impressed?

red-yellow-and-blue-abstract-painting-3598435My method is formal: women want to be impressed. You can’t get in touch with a woman if you don’t show some magic tricks like gaining forty pounds in one night.

It makes sense, and maybe men should explore their feminine sides. When you look at the sky, the Milky Way, and the awful gravity of black holes, men must explore their feminine sides.

Of course, a good impression is essential, but there’s one question in every woman’s head that’s popping up if she starts to like you: Will it hurt if I make love with him?

After all, making love could be like a friendship that just started: At first, I thought you were a bitch, but now I like you. So yes, it will hurt a little in the beginning, but with a bit of time, you will enjoy the sex.

Bonus: Women might want to be warm in the middle of the night. Courtesy of my method 5to1™ and music!

Do Men Only Look For A Sensational Shelter?

marin-tulard-qcHkNRi5yD0-unsplashMy method is formal: Men only care about finding shelter from the storm. As a reminder, it occurs when Jesus has failed. Tomorrow isn’t here for you because you smoke too much, and you abuse cocaine. When you look inside, you discover strange things.

It makes sense men only care about the shelter since they want to sleep with women in a comfortable setting. Everybody hurts, and the hostel is, of course, outstanding since most likely, nobody will help you walk that road.

Men are looking for shelter, and that can explain why they lose their hair because some head of state considers their entire population to be terrorists. Suddenly, a plane crashes, and we’re standing on the edge.

Are Humans Obsessed With Raging Archery?

jungwoo-hong-cYUMaCqMYvI-unsplashMy method gave me a hint to get inside the human brain. Of course, there are theories like the triune one (reptilian, limbic, and neocortex). Of course, laterality is noteworthy because it’s related to your masculine and feminine side.

My method explained that humanity might be about one thing: finding a way of breaking someone’s heart from a long distance, like an archer. While you might find this amusing, there’s a simple reason for that: physical integrity.

As a result, this could easily explain how war starts: imagine you’re in Paris having fun with your friends. Someone 4000 km away is having a hard time finishing their higher education, and they need to get a job AND a shelter quickly. Your heart goes boom, and the banker is playing with your heart.

Do You Want To Have The Secret Codes For Writing?

markus-spiske-iar-afB0QQw-unsplashTo conclude, when I think about what I wrote, it makes much sense sometimes. My method isn’t accurate 100% of the time, but there are troubling coincidences like when I found the code for five-letter words.

Since then, I tried to find the secret combination for words 3–9 letters long. I must say that sometimes it’s painful and demands a little effort, which is how I came to love five-letter words. The code is simple, and I know it by heart now.

Please head to my products page if you want to have the PDF. Those codes are full of entertainment, education, and information. It could trigger many debates, and if you’re a member of a debate club, you could start many conversations instead of reading the newspaper.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!